So You Wanna Play Guitar?

So you’ve always wanted to play the Guitar…
Well here’s how you can!

Congratulations, your choice to learn, live and experience guitar is indeed a wise one. Of the many available musical instruments on the market today, it is with little doubt that the humble guitar holds the trophy for being the most popular & one of the easiest of instruments in which to unlock the vast magic of music.

This is easier to see when we compare such things as initial cost & maintenance through to the widely available array of information through books, audio cds, computer software and of course the ever expanding internet… And that’s not to mention that everyone has a mate that plays guitar.

To begin our journey lets firstly look at the various types of Guitars available on the market today. Guitars are split into 2 main categories.

The Acoustic Guitar

Nylon String

Steel String

*both available with built in pickups & pre amps, these are referred to as semi-acoustic instruments

The Electric Guitar

Solid Bodied

Hollow Bodied

Besides the instrument its self the guitar comes with a plethora of accessories, which include items such as:

Electronic Tuners
Effect Pedals
Educational Books, CD’s & DVD’s
Sheet Music

So let’s get to business!